The Fourth MillionaireMakers Drawing is Here! : millionairemakers

This is a really cool idea. The winner is selected by random, but I had to write about Emmett.

I have an 11 year old son with a severe brain injury since birth. He doesn’t sit, stand, walk, talk, eat or drink. We lost our lawsuit to against the doctors and nurses because they LIED to cover their ass. That’s really sad and pathetic. Money will not change his brain injury, in fact I’d trade every dollar and ‘thing’ I have to hear him talk and say dad or hi. Money will help ease the stresses of living with Emmett. I would like to quit my job (web design/programming) and work full time developing a communication aid that uses brain waves. I know he’s “in there” wanting to talk. If I could get a simple yes or no from him that would be awesome. It would help us deduce where he is feeling pain, where he would like to go, what he would like to see… Having the ability to communicate with his mom, dad, brother, sister, teachers, etc… would be the best gift I could give him.

My wife and I rarely get a full nights sleep; one of us does “early duty” and the other does “overnight duty.” Our alarm clock is him crying. This wakeup cry can come at 2am, 3am, 4am, etc… In the rare event that he does sleep past 7am I have a sinking feeling that he might’ve died overnight so I go and check to make sure he’s still breathing. The day to day grind is insanely tough and never consistent. Everyday I have to prepare myself for a mental and physical marathon. From making his food, administering meds, lifting him, doing therapy, staying positive, not crying, emergency trips to the hospital, cleaning vomit, doctor visits, giving him baths, playing with him, watching him have seizures and generally hoping someday it’ll get easier. I recognize that someday my wife and I will not have the physical and mental strength to take care of him and we’ll have to give up the fight and hope that a respite home will love him as we do. I hope this is many, many years away.

I would like to add that Emmett is a beautiful child. Even though he can’t talk to me, he has taught me so much about the fragility and resilience that is life! For some reason we possess and instinct to live. So much so Emmett entered this world without a heart beat and not breathing. For some reason he toughed it out and joined our family. I love him so much. Sometimes when I’m mesmerized by the amazing things his brother and sister say or do I get saddened thinking about the “life that could of been.” I can’t dwell on these non-productive thoughts for too long and shift focus to his beautiful smile, finding things to make him happy and enjoying his life.

Thanks for reading… I’ve never considered myself good at writing (thanks engrish teachers). However, writing this stuff out is good therapy for me.

The Fourth MillionaireMakers Drawing is Here! : millionairemakers.

Impossible Escape?

Impossible Escape?

The other day I heard a really interesting puzzle.

It’s one of those proverbial prisoner problems where you are condemned to die unless you can prove your intelligence to a devious jailer. You, and your friend, are incarcerated. Your jailer offers a challenge. If you complete the challenge you are both free to go. Here are the rules:

Impossible Escape?.

3 Amazing Energy Bars You Can Whip Up In Your Kitchen | Collective-Evolution

Have you been to the energy bar section of the grocery store lately? There are literally hundreds to choose from, and many contain ingredients that we don’t necessarily want to eat (or worse – can’t pronounce!). While a few undesirable components won’t kill us, things like ‘natural flavors’ and ‘citric acid’ aren’t whole food items we’d keep in the pantry. We want to keep our food as simple and as close to nature as possible so that our bodies can use our energy reserves for regeneration rather than prolonged digestion.

Usually, energy bars are more of a grab-and-go ‘fast food”, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Instead of spending $2.29 on one serving (that’s been sitting in a package for a while), you can make a whole batch of fresh bars yourself, right at home. This will save you money and cut down on the plastic waste that packaged products tend to accumulate. Plus, you’re guaranteed to love these recipes!


3 Amazing Energy Bars You Can Whip Up In Your Kitchen | Collective-Evolution.

Training Plans for Cyclists | Strava

In preparation to getting my ass kicked by some Georgia mountains I’m going to start this plan


60+ Minute Climb

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Duration: 4 Weeks · 5 Workouts per Week
Start Date: Monday, January 26, 2015

Review the Lingo

Your plan will include a variety of different terms for workouts or interval types. Use the summarized list below for reference as you go. Find additional details here.

Climbing Repeats (CR) · Intensity 8 of 10
Increased climbing power at lactate threshold. (85-90 RPM)

Descending Intervals (DI) · Intensity 10 of 10
Maximal efforts of decreasing length. (110+ RPM)

Endurance Miles (EM) · Intensity 5 of 10
Basic aerobic development. (85-95 RPM)

High Speed Sprints (HSS) · Intensity 10 of 10
Out-of-the-saddle sprint intervals starting at a high speed. (110+ RPM)

Over Under Intervals (OU) · Intensity 9 of 10
Increased sustained power, above and below threshold. (90-100 RPM)

Power Intervals (PI) · Intensity 10 of 10
Increased power at VO2 max. (95+ RPM)

Speed Intervals (SI) · Intensity 10 of 10
Repeated, short max efforts to familiarize you with intensity and accelerations. (110+ RPM)

Steady State Intervals (SS) · Intensity 7 of 10
Increased sustained power at lactate threshold on flat/rolling terrain. (85-95 RPM)

Stomps (S) · Intensity 10 of 10
Muscular strength training via very short, seated sprints in your hardest gear. (95+ RPM)

Tempo Intervals (T) · Intensity 6 of 10
Improved aerobic endurance by using moderate resistance and lower cadence. (70-75 RPM)

via Training Plans for Cyclists | Strava.

Bootstrap 3 Adobe Illustrator Template – Easy to Use for Large Devices Desktops, Medium Devices Laptops and Small Devices Tablets


Explanation of Bootstrap 3 Div sizing

I’ve made an Adobe Illustrator Template that should help you understand how the Columns Work in Bootstrap 3 across the different responsive sizes. I created this illustrator template to share with a designer that couldn’t quite grasp how the Bootstrap resizes a column based on the media query.

What are the sizes for Bootstrap 3 Columns?

Large Devices
Width: 1170px wide
Columns: @97px
Left and Right Gutter: 15px each

Medium Devices
Width: 970px wide
Columns: @ 81px
Left and Right Gutter 15px each

Small Devices Tablet
Width: 750px wide
Columns: @ 62px
Left and Right Gutter: 15px each

In all of the above sizes, Bootstrap uses 12 columns.

Large Device
Medium Device
Small Device


The column widths are approximations used to help you design. This is because the actual math is based on percentage.

Keep in mind that the column height is automatically adjusted by the content within the div.
So these samples would most likely be much taller.


A step toward a potential anti-aging drug | KurzweilAI

According to a new study published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers have tested a potential anti-aging drug called everolimus (AKA RAD001) — an analog (version) of the drug rapamycin (sirolimus)*.

In previous research, rapamycin extended the life span of mice by 9 to 14%, even when treatment was initiated late in life, and it improved a variety of aging-related conditions in old mice, including tendon stiffening, cardiac dysfunction, cognitive decline, and decreased mobility.

via A step toward a potential anti-aging drug | KurzweilAI.