remove “confirm form resubmission” with Google Chrome

so, do you get the annoying “confirm form resubmission” page when a user hits the back button or refresh using google chrome? simply change your form method from “post” to “get”.

if you can put all your values in the url use the “get” method instead of “post”

//remove post
<form action="index.php?load=SEARCH" method="post">

//use get
<form action="index.php?load=SEARCH" method="get">

voila, message gone!


3 thoughts on “remove “confirm form resubmission” with Google Chrome”

  1. yes thats true ,i followed ur advice used get instead of post and still have problems , i have a contact form and when i fill it , submit it and receive the confirmation message and if i refresh the page and it still sends me emails with the content i wrote .i dont know how to fix this problem …

  2. in my case, i was not concerned that the information would be resubmitted. i think you could keep track of a posting via session variable. $_SESSION[‘posted’].

    if ( !$_SESSION['posted'] ) {

    //mail form

    //insert in db

    $_SESSION['posted'] = true; //set true because they posted.


  3. i think i have found the solution click on your start menu right click on chrome, then click on internet properties, click on contents and click on settings, tick every box that is in there especially the feeds box and the form box, try this it helped me with the problem

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