Pride in Identity as a Special Needs Mom

here’s a nice letter dara wrote for ian’s pre-school class about emmett:::

Pride in Identity as a Special Needs Mom

Having children is quite the life-changing experience, as you know.  I am proud of my kids.  Who they are, what they need, and how I provide for them have contributed to my identity.

My oldest son, age seven, is profoundly brain-injured due to lack of oxygen at birth (he was stuck with the cord around his neck while I pushed for over 4.5 hours).  Because the part of his brain that controls his muscles was damaged, he cannot walk, sit up, roll, crawl, speak, or even point.  He cannot successfully grab or play with toys.  He struggles regularly throughout each day to clear his throat.  He is fed through a tube in his belly.  He has seizures that vary from mild to severe.   His legs are extremely stiff and difficult to open to change his diaper.  His body has become deformed because of how his abnormal muscle tone has built the shape of his bones over time.  He uses a wheelchair.  A simple head cold is an unbearable experience.  I have learned a lot about brain injuries. Continue reading Pride in Identity as a Special Needs Mom

2011 Felt FC – review – SO RAD!

2011 Felt FC
2011 Felt FC - Love It
This is my anecdotal review of my new 2001 Felt FC build. Got the 2011 Felt FC frame from Campus Cyclery in Cincinnati and the wheels and group stuff from Main Street Bikes in KY.
Aesthetically the frame is so clean. I love the monochromatic colorway. Black and white is great for me. I’m o.k. with the little dashes of red. But I’ll tell you the truth, I never want a red bike, I don’t buy red colored components. Anyhow, from a design point of view the frame screams GO>
As soon as I got it built with the help of slumberjack (chewning) and Jamie I took it out for a little spin. It was about 10:30 at night and dark so I really couldn’t go for a ride. The initial sensation is that it’s “linear.” wtf, does that mean? It has a profound sensation of every pedal push moving the bike forward on a razor tight line. The streets around College Hill / Cincinnati are not smooth by any means, still it absorbs the road chatter efficiently. This is most likely helped by the Easton EC90 fork.
I’ll be taking her on our maiden race tomorrow. it’s a hilly steep mofo with fast descents. I’ll report in with full feedback.
So the rocket ship is built and now I’m fine tuning the engine……………