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This is your daily spam from me, but I thought you would appreciate hearing what the Livestrong organization did to me yesterday 🙂 They cancelled my auction on eBay on a loophole.

The loophole is that if the organization was not involved in the manufacture of the item, you can NOT use their name in an auction on eBay. Nice, go after me for this infringement.

I sent a note to DopeStrong that I would now post this to these lists and do everything I could to let people know what they did.

Anyway, the main reason for posting this (other than to whine) is to give you the current link to the auction and pictures.

Thanks again,

“DopeStrong” – I wear a “LIVESTRONG” bracelet even though I know there’s a lot of hatred and animosity towards Lance in the cycling community. I know people look at me and question my motives because of a silly yellow bracelet. Personally, I don’t know why people spend time hating on someone else, but that’s a different subject. Personally, I’m more focused on loving others.

Anyhow, I wear the “LIVESTRONG” bracelet because it was given to me by my boss who is fighting cancer. It makes me think about him and another friend fighting daily. It makes me think about some friends that have lost their fight. It makes me think about all the people who I don’t know who are fighting. And yes, lots of times it makes me makes me think about Lance. Yesterday, it made me think about Steve Jobs, his legacy, family and his fight with cancer.

In all honesty, I respect your freedom of speech. I’m just sharing my difference of opinion with the “lists” and I’m asking that maybe a little more sensitivity could be applied to the DopeStrong LIVESTRONG brand, person, etc… I know it’s a brand you don’t have to embrace, like some people hate Ford and only buy Chevy. In this weird instance it transcends brand for me an symbolizes much more. Even though I know it’s Nike backed.

This silly yellow bracelet, made in China is a good thing for me.

2 thoughts on “LIVESTRONG != DOPESTRONG”

  1. I like how you are embracing the bracelet for its own personal use. It has been some time since I read charges of him doping (for testosterone) years ago and I bet that the reason he got testicular cancer in the first place was probably due to using exogenous testosterone. There are a few things I see as not very useful with this idea of fighting cancer, though. No one really, fights it, you suffer through the treatment, but no one fights it. We need to move away from this idea of “fighting” death. Dying is inevitable, but we pour billions into trying to cheat the system. Most of us become neurotic in our attempts to deny or delay the inevitable. For a guy who used to be a former medical student, I can say that we really havent made much advancement in the field of pharamacy and biotechnology to fight cancer. Individual discoveries are made all the time, and people keep saying, “we finally got it! We finally got it!” They never pan out though. I dont like the idea of fighting dis-ease, I like the idea of taking care of ourselves and living lives to our fullest and embracing the inevitably of death as a full path to life.

  2. I agree, we shouldn’t be fighting death. Maybe it’s just semantics, but people are “fighting” or battling cancer daily. I say this because hopefully some are winners in the race.

    We should be living. We should be pouring healthy nutrients into our body. After watching forks over knives last year I’ve switched from a vegetarian diet to vegan and have never felt better! I am not a fan of conventional ways to ‘fight’ cancer with chemo and meds. I am a fan of the Gerson Method – – and would recommend this to anyone with cancer.

    I recommended the Gerson Method to my boss but I don’t think he wants to change his ways. He gets beat down by chemo. I’m glad he’s stopped smoking, but I don’t think he realizes eating McDonalds and other fast food is ‘healing’ his body. I wish him the best though.

    The timing of your writing is interesting. I just read this article about the USADA and Armstong:

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