2015 Mohican Race Prep, Thoughts, Plan


Q) Am I ready for Mohican?

A) NO… I never am.

It looks like my training has been more consistent this year. Last year I got close to nothing in late March / April.

2014 miles time elevation
jan 169 13 11904
feb 195 15.5 13445
mar 376 28.75 36403
apr 411 29.5 27859
may 748 46.5 44243
total 1899 133.25 133854
jan 184 13.9 14697
feb 339 25.9 27372
mar 515 37.5 51347
apr 443 29.1 30625
may 500 35.25 26710
total 1981 141.65 150751
dif 82 8.4 16897


Training: After running the numbers I have 82 more miles, 8.4 more hours and 16897 more feet climbed. About the same amount of training. Let’s see if I can beat my 6:30 minute time last year. Last year I was on my geared MTB, this year I’ll be on my Niner Air 9 SS.

Strategy: Don’t blow out in the first section of the race. This is an exciting single track section, but the race is long. I’d rather be passing people later on in the race instead of being passed on those looong ass uphill grinders which seems to be the case.

Nutrition: Endurolytes (black magic). HOney Stingers, and GU Chomps with caffeine. I’ll stop at some aid stations for PB&Js and other misc. stuff. Water, I’m going to have 2 water bottles. One on the frame and one in my jersey. The new frame has 2 bottle mounts but there is one on the bottom of the downtube. This is just asking to get smashed / fall out.

2014 Training

2014 Training


2015 Training
2015 Training

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