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makes me sick to my stomach that we can’t get emmett stem cells from mackenzie or ian…  man, i want him to get them sooooooooooooo bad.

An internationally known pioneer in using umbilical cord stem cells will research novel cerebral palsy treatments thanks to a $10.2 million gift to Duke University.

The money from the Robertson Foundation will establish a Translational Cell Therapy Center at Duke for cell-based treatments, notably the work of Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg. It is the latest large donation from private sources to advance medical research at local universities.

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Stem Cell Trial in Pediatric Cerebral Palsy

Just wrote this letter relating to Stem Cell Cord Blood article i just read…

Jennifer Hilliard and Dr. Carrol, Is it possible to get my son Emmett in your Stem Cell Trial Cord Blood Study? He is 6 years old and has CP from lack of oxygen at birth. We have cord blood from his brother stored at Cord Blood Registry and Cord Blood from his sister stored in another blood bank. However, we do not have his cord blood. If any program becomes available that fits this scenario would you please let us know?
Thank you so much!
James O’Loughlin

“For the purposes of this study, we’re not looking at stem cells as a possible cure; rather whether stem cells can help change the course of these types of brain injuries in children,” Dr. Carroll said.
Study participants must have been unable to sit independently by 12 months or unable to walk by 18 months and must be seizure-free or have seizures that are adequately controlled.To ensure consistency in cord blood stem cell processing, storage and release for infusion, the Cord Blood Registry is the only family stem cell bank participating in the study. For more information, call the MCG Section of Pediatric Neurology at 706-721-3371.