The Peachy Printer – The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner! by Rinnovated Design — Kickstarter.

It’s affordable, small, lightweight, and unique. It’s a 3D printer in a class all it’s own!

Update! Addons are allowed!

For example if you back the $100 kit you can:

– add $60 + shipping for each additional litre of resin

– add $10 + shipping for each additional 100 ml of resin

– add 350 for the scanner attachment (or don’t and just use your own camera for scanning)

– add the price of any other perk or combination of perks, we are very flexible!

At the end of the campaign We will send out a survey asking you for details on what the extra money is for. We will ask you questions about resin colour and type, and give you a place to describe your order in your own words.