Reddit has some solid core values.

Source: blog.reddit — what’s new on reddit: We’re sharing our company’s core values with the world


  1. 1. Remember the human

    • Be authentic, passionate, and empathetic.
    • Treat others as you would in person, and remember we all make mistakes.
    • Champion diversity.
    • Default to transparency, and when you can’t be transparent, be honest.
  2. 2. Give people voices

    • Create a safe space to encourage participation.
    • Embrace diversity of viewpoints.
    • Allow freedom of expression.
    • Be stewards, not dictators. The community owns itself.
  3. 3. Respect anonymity and privacy

    • You are not required to share more than you are comfortable with.
    • Having information doesn’t give you a license to use it.
    • Allow people to be as anonymous as they choose, including ourselves.
    • Value the candor afforded by anonymity.
  4. 4. Embrace experimentation

    • Don’t let “that’s the way it’s always been done” be a reason.
    • Seek new ways to be better.
    • Be willing to try new things and fail.
    • But remember wheels don’t always need reinventing.
  5. 5. Make deliberate decisions

    • Make all decisions within the framework of larger goals.
    • It’s better to make an unpopular, deliberate decision than to make a consensus decision on a whim.
    • Consciously explore options and impacts of potential paths.
    • Voice disagreement; acknowledge that dissension is okay.
  6. 6. Be doers

    • Turn ideas into actions and get things done.
    • Don’t be paralyzed by the status quo.
    • Find the balance between perfection and progress.
    • Build for the future and leave things better than you found them.
  7. 7. The spirit of Lambeosaurus embiggens us all

    • Work is better when you’re having fun.
    • Don’t take ourselves too seriously.
    • Celebrate the good: recognize successes and reward accomplishments.
    • There must be four subpoints to each value.

We are proud to share our values with the world, and they are now also displayed on our about pageand linked to in our footer