sun“We will have to leave Earth LONG before our star begins going through its death throes since it’s slowly brightening and will raise the temperature of the surface to above the boiling point of water in about 500 million years. The solution will certainly involve putting some distance or insulation between us and our once gentle sun, but regardless, we’re going to have to have the technology to create our own environment, because our planet will be a burnt cinder.

Our species will have disappeared LONG before all the stars die, so, no worries there. The ultimate fate of our universe is another topic…for another time. :)”

This persons answer made  me think that civilization / humans are not going to be here forever, just like me. I need to make time to spend with my family, myself… Live this gift we’ve been given.

Is our star particularly separated from other stars, or is it at a normal distance away from others?
by inaskscience