AFTER 20 YEARS AS AWARD WINNING GOAT CHEESE FARMERS, WE’VE DECIDED TO GIVE IT UP ALL UP… AND MAKE VEGAN CHEESE.This is Violet, one of the last babies born on our farm now that we’ve stopped breeding. As much as we love our babies, we just can’t bring another life into the world when there are so many animals out there who need our help.Since the day we met while saving sick calves, it has always been about the animals. We’ve always been a no kill farm where the animals are treated with love. They’re our family. We did the best we could for our animals while still producing cheese, but then we realized — a vegan farm will allow us to do even better.We’re going to apply our decades of cheese making artistry toward creating absolutely delicious artisan vegan cheese, the proceeds from which will support our sanctuary for rescued animals. Of course it’s terrifying to give up all we’ve known for decades, but when your heart tells you what you must do, you can’t really ignore it, can you?Please join us on this exciting journey.Carol & Julian   to help feed our Sanctuary animals while we transition to a vegan farm

Source: Welcome to The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats