Grandaddy and Stone Temple Pilots were two of my favorite bands circa 2000, and I’m happy to report that they like each other, too. Actually, I can’t confirm how Jason Lytle feels about STP, but Scott Weiland apparently is a big fan of Grandaddy. Weiland told Esquire about his 10 favorite bands, and Grandaddy made the cut. Here’s what he had to see about the band’s unmistakable dystopian electronic twee-folk prog: They’re this lo-fi art punk pop kind of band that has a lot of experimentation with sounds and loops and funky guitar, and really great tongue-in-cheek lyrics, really well-written. My favorite album by Grandaddy is Sumday. I never did get a chance to see them live, but every song is basically amazing, starting with ‘Now It’s On,’ which is just a rollicking fuzzy pop song that’s still kind of bizarre. ‘The Go in the Go-for-It’ and ‘The Group Who Couldn’t Say’ are probably my favorites. The band’s from Modesto and I used to go to Modesto sometimes for Christmas because my

Source: Scott Weiland Explains Why Grandaddy Is One Of His Favorite Bands – Stereogum