going to sell sean’s expensive sax and want him to get the most out of it. my guess is saturday evening would be the best time when people have the most free time.

Typically, Sunday is considered the best day to end an auction followed closed by Saturday and then Friday. Most sellers also agree that ending an auction on a holiday is a bad idea.

Perhaps thought the most important timing factor of an auction is the actual time that is does end. You should shoot for auctions that end between 10 and midnight Eastern US time. This makes it between 8 and 10 Mountain and 7 and 9 on the West coast. The Eastern sea board represents the greatest concentration of buyers and the period between 10 and 12 is the best solution to optimize their viewing ( and bidding ) while still being effective in the other time zones.

wrong james. looks like sunday evening between 6-9p.m. is historically the best time to end an auction.