when i was stationed in germany i cut my leg skateboarding and went to the hospital and they immediately stitched me up. *after* they took care of me they asked about my insurance. this has always struck a chord with me. another incident… when my brother was @7 he dislocated his hip. we drove 45 minutes to the closest hospital (we lived really far out) for them to tell us they wouldn’t accept our insurance. we had to drive at least another hour + to the next hospital that would accept my parents insurance… my oldest son emmett racked up over $75k in out of pocket expenses his first year of life. fortunately, we had a couple of benefits to help us with our fees. he qualified for medicaid (a gov’t run *insurance*) being severely disabled a couple years ago and my wife danced in the doctor’s office the first time she didn’t have to make a co-payment. medicaid is awesome! i love it. i know so many friends that simply don’t have insurance right now. i really hope they can get some. this is bogus. we’re one of the last modern countries to not have insurance as a right not a privilege. as pointed out by @bev, you opened a can of worms… then again, people weren’t excited about medicaid/medicare when it was passed. me, i’m excited. my take on it, screw the insurance industry! they’re crooks!