just found these notes… what a pud… ron garrett team dayton

thanks for ruining my early season ron…
Germantown Police Department
– www.ci.germantown.oh.us – (937) 855-6567

9th may around 10:45

i was riding my bike down to the bike race

after ron hit me i asked him why was he on my side of the road?  he said, “i’m sorry i have insurance”

after i returned from the E.R. i called the police to file a report.


a park ranger was dispatched to the race course.

officer. adam gavy and i talked.  stan the race promoter told me ron was an upstanding person in the race community and he would take care of me.  i accepted stan’s offer to settle this issue “off line”.  allowing ron not to be written up and cited for hitting me.

i called ron sunday morning the 10th around 9:15.  ron said it was partially his fault.  i told him that it was all his fault and i had the option of having him cited yesterday and after stan’s recommendation i decided to handle the issue “off-line”.  i told him he was lucky he hit me and i knew how to “crash” after 30 years of skateboarding.  ron agreed that he would take care of my bike.  he just wanted to make sure i wasn’t going to take advantage of him.

i got pictures of my bike.  talked to a few bikeshops for prices and emailed them to ron on monday may 18th.  it had been a couple days and i had not heard back from ron so i called him on wednesday the 20th.  this is when ron’s story starts to change.  he tells me that i was left of center and riding like a maniac and he had 4 witnesses that agree to his story and he wasn’t going to cover any of my bike bills.  4 of his friends that will lie for him.  this is sad. i’m still trying to figure out how to file my medical issues.  i was appalled with his comment and in total disbelief that he would begin to “lie” to cover his own ass.  i thought he would be handling this issue like a gentlemen.  instead, i said i guess i’ll be filing the police report and i’ll be seeing him in court.

i called the germantown police dept / park ranger to file the report and i was waiting for a call back.

i decided to call ron and give him one lance chance to come clean with the issue. before i called i asked him why he told me he had insurance immediately after the accident and why he was willing to take care of the issue on sunday morning.  anyhow, i called him up and asked him this question.  he said he was going to take care of my bike when he thought it was only my rim.  which didn’t make a bit of sense to me.