well, here we have it. i got the big V (vasectomy).

i like jake’s quotes. “even lance armstrong has 1 more working ball” and “the artist, formerly known as male” – prince reference.

dara’s mom came down to help because i was forced on the couch for 2 days. thanks!

dara and her mom were calling me sissy cherry. pretty funny. i told them i have to squat when i pee outdoors now.

it was pretty painful. not as bad as a hard skate slam. the most painful part was getting the shots. the weirdest part was the burning flesh; smelled like burning hair.

my nuts are black and blue. it’s been 5 days without any sort of exercise. i can feel myself getting fatter by the day. i’m going to try swimming today. not sure how long until i start running or sitting on a saddle.

i *think* we might’ve had more kids if we didn’t have emmett. it’s a bummer that he drains sooooooo much energy.