doing the research for tubies

453.5924 grams per pound

1040g – 2.292lbs deep v’s 520g
780g – 1.72lbs escape 390g
260g – .57lbs diff

grifo challenge tubular

DT swiss hubs

28h front
32h rear

notes from my conversation with stephen

Unless you plan on getting multiple tubular wheel sets you need need to pick a tire you’ll get the most use out of. The hassle/expense of changing tubulars means pick one for the season and stick with it. Use the clinchers for special conditions. As far as tires go, I run Dugast Rhinos on my tubs. Bar none the nicest tire but expensive as hell. Challenge makes pretty supple tires from what I hear but I’ve never used them. I like an aggressive tread pattern that rolls well and the Rhinos are perfect. I also like tires with burly side knob. You can make up so much time cornering in cross so anything that lets you lay the bike over in the corners is key. If it’s a fast grassy course or one with a lot of paved sections I’ll run the clinchers with Ritchey Speedmax or Continental semi-slicks. Never been a fan of Tufos so I’d steer clear of those if you can help it. Hub wise you can’t go wrong with Kings. They have a new line of cross specific hubs. Not the lightest but they’re bombproof and super serviceable. If you want to go lighter I’ve had good like with DT Swiss hubs on my mountain bike. I don’t have much feedback as far as rims go. I think your budget excludes carbon which is fine because there are plenty of other light, strong options. Check out the Mavic Reflex. A buddy of mine runs those and swears by them. Also, Ambrosio is a big hit with the Euro’s Their tubular version is a big hit with the classics riders and supposedly handle the cobbles well. Not all that easy to find here in the states but there is an american distributer. I run Ambrosio Excellights (clincher) on my single speed and haven’t had any issues. Whatever you go with get it dialed in now. If you wait until the season starts you’ll find everyone is out of everything. Good luck with the coach. I’d use one if I had a schedule I could follow with any consistency. For me the best part of cross is I don’t have to train. I can show up hungover and fat and still have a blast. My wife caught wind of our conversation about the UCI3 thing there in Cincy and she’s considering giving me that weekend to come out and race there for my birthday. If you get any info in the meantime pass it on. Keep me posted