Here is a brief outline:
Monday’s and Wednesday’s: Commuting okay, but gym work gets priority.
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s: Commuting.  Maybe mix in some short intense efforts to and from work. TBD
Friday’s: OFF
Saturday’s and Sunday’s: Get out whenever you can on road, cross or MTB.  Nice base stuff.  Keep that HR in your Tempo / Low LT as much as possible.

Sound like a plan??

Eat Well!
Sleep Well!
Train SMART!!!

1 to 1.5 hr ride option:
Find a nice short steep hill near your house that you can include in a “circuit”.  Do it 4,5,6 times.
After a 20-30 min warm-up
Do the circuit charging up the hill as hard as possible and recovering for the rest of the circuit.
Alternate between seated and standing for whole hill per circuit.
Do as many as you can in 30-45 minutes.
Cool down

Long Ride:
Nice long warm-up of 1 hr.
Do 12 30 second accelerations
In the saddle for whole effort, hands on tops of bars, in 53X15.  Efforts are ALL OUT!  Same gear.
30 seconds ON then 1:30 OFF.

Cool down

the 12-30 second accelerations will make you tough!