James E. O’Loughlin Jr.

1987 Graduate Ceres High School California
1989 Graduate US Army Missile Guidance Technician Redstone Arsenal Alabama
1996 Graduate Miami University Oxford Ohio B.S. Art Education

Work Experience:
Architect, design and build ANY website using WebObjects and Java or PHP web application servers pulling data from SQL (OpenBase, MySQL or Oracle) database server using the latest HTML, CSS and JQuery front end.

20 years of Server and System Administration. Setup networking and Unix servers at Miami University 1992-1996 before working at Primax. Currently maintain all of Primax web, email, dns and ftp servers.

16 years of HTML and website development.

11 years Java and WebObjects development. Built http://bitSPROCKET.com CMS system over last ten years being used by 100′s of clients around the country.

5 years PHP and MySQL Development. I can build anything from a blog, store, file manager, Facebook App, etc…
http://flightcrewcentral.com – online business look up and vacation deals for flight crew personnel.
http://gobigrecruiting.com – video sharing site for students
http://sharesprocket.com – file sharing for companies and organizations
http://newsf33d.com – (still in development)

9 years CSS development

10 years Javascript and 3 years JQuery development