James E O’Loughlin ‎$microsoft = bloatware(time(now()));

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    • Corey Green you forgot the random…somewhere in there is a random multiplier that makes the computer really fast when you don’t care and really slow when you need something.

      Friday at 2:13pm ·
    • Ron Hill uh oh – bashing my employer. What is bloatware about a company?

      Friday at 2:25pm ·
    • James E O’Loughlin haaa… no doubt! i was implying that this happens every stinkin’ time.

      Friday at 2:32pm ·
    • Corey Green I think the random factor may actually be the computer chip designed with a
      mood ring as the basis.

      Friday at 2:38pm via
    • James E O’Loughlin Sorry Ron. Windows 98 and dos 3.1 are about the last time I remember MS being zippy. Pretty much everything feels bloated and sluggish now with far too many options. It’d be nice to have a trimmed down core app/is and you add packages you want. Like Linux!. Maybe I just need faster hardware. Or, maybe my computer’s mood ring turns to vomit color when I open an office app lately cuz it’s ……

      Friday at 7:15pm
    • Ted Welser I has 12g of ram on my office machine— and office is still slow opening. the only things I use are excel for data management and ppt for slide development with easy image import. google docs have already replace 80% of my word processing. in another year google will be hitting 80% of my use for ppt, docs, and excel. then, I never leave the browser.

      Yesterday at 1:32am
    • Dan Miller It’s Microsoft’s job to ensure than any hardware advancements are nullified by an operating system that needlessly cripples the hell out of it. Windows 3.1 on a 386 = 95 on a 486 = 98 on a Pentium = ME on a Pentium 2 = XP on a Pentium 3 = Vista on a Core2 Duo = 7 on a Core2 Quad. Nothing ever gets any faster because Microsoft has always been about making it slower by dumbing it down and making it “pretty.”

      Yesterday at 12:32pm ·
    • Ron Hill

      Hey James, You can always disable features to reduce the footprint of the OS. This is even more true of the Server OS’s. I noticed a couple of the other commenters here threw out a bunch of generalizations that are way over used and clich…e’. 12G of RAM in an Office machine – sounds like a case of more dollars than sense. Windows 7 is faster – there is imperical evidence to prove this. I don’t want to get in a shouting match here, I know everyone has there preferrence and I am not here to change it one way or the other, however I would be happy to assist you in determining why your PC is sluggish or feels unresponsive.See More
      Yesterday at 1:10pm ·
    • James E O’Loughlin

      Sorry, Ron. I’d love for you to help but I honestly gave up on Microsoft in the late ’90s when I was using an Amiga desktop, maintaining VAX and IBM RS servers for Miami University. I was also forced to maintain client Windows boxes which …were always a mess for a multitude of reasons. I prefer the X OS’s now; Unix, Linux and OS X. If I’m forced to run windows I use Sun’s VirtualBox. if anything goes bad, I just delete the Windows image file and reinstall the system. My initial post was me venting about opening Excel spreadsheets when a client sends them. In fairness, the comments above are legit and not cliché. I know Ted slammed 12gb of RAM in his box because he does some complicated algorithms and data processing in Excel. I think he should find some grad student to write apps for his school’s parallel or cluster servers and get screaming fast CPU cycles. Dan’s a smart cookie as well, he owns a successful IT consulting firm which I believe helps Windows peeps out. I won’t take anything away from your knowledge or expertise of Microsoft products. You most likely have you and your clients boxes flying. I think anyone with an in depth knowledge of any OS can keep their box and servers optimized, running fast and virtually free of issues. I just prefer to stay clear from everything MS. which constantly reminds me of viruses, scans, drivers and bloat…See More
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