i’m in this video at 1:33. nice summary of the conditions. i think i made 4 bike changes for the hour long race. i went through the caution tape at least 8 times during the final race.

this fine video has me doing a rum hand up at the end of my race. it messed me up pretty good that i couldn’t see straight and had blind spots riding down to the finish line. note, one knee warmer is completely around my ankle and yes, i’m walking up the rocks… thanks thea!

I ended up 38th out of 62 riders and I was able to finish the entire race without getting pulled. i was 4th overall for cat 3’s and 13 for cat 2’s, so i’ll take it.

The course had crazy frozen ruts that would instantly throw me into the tape at random. I’m pretty sure I broke at least 8 stakes during the race.

Surprisingly, i only went down once as a deep Rut threw me into a cloth barrier under the green monster and the solid stake holding it up grabbed my front wheel threw me to the ground.

To top the frozen ruts off, there was a coating of ice like slime on the rest of the course which caused me to unclip several times to keep upright.

My front wheel must’ve not been attached too well because it was shaking. Or, the ruts knocked it out. I’m not sure. I did have to stop on the ‘green monster’ to tighten my front wheel back into my fork.

Thanks to Scott Pardi and Eric Puryear for running the pits. I think I made 4 or 5 bike changes. The transitions were so smooth and the bike was nice and clean! Thanks to Corey Green for the pink bike!

My rum hand up on the last run up about made me puke and caused my vision to go blurry.

here’s a flickr set from hardball: http://www.flickr.com/photos/62465588@N06/6697606463/in/set-72157628871662833/lightbox/