besides riding your bike fast… here’s my 2012 race goals

Race Categories
Cat 4 Road
Cat 2 CX

My main goal is to get rad, ride with friends and smile!

Road Races
i plan on racing in the Cat 3/4 road races. unless i get blown out, then i’ll drop down to the 4’s. i’m prepared to do some *work* for any teammate that is feeling it. by the end of the year, i’d like to have enough points to cat up. i’ll try to make every other spring race this year.
race cat: 3/4
training: get some more long base miles 
goals: long training miles, finish with the peloton and sprint for the finish

crit’s seem to be a better fit for my racing style and training miles. last year i started to get some top 10 finishes in the 3/4’s. 
race cat: 3/4
training: work on speed and bursts.
goals:  stay with peloton and find the podium a couple times

i plan on doing the cleves long and short courses this year. i owe part of my racing addiction to cleves
training: ??? 
goals: get into the 23’s  

i cat’d up to the 2’s last season… foolish or ambitious, i’ll find out.
race cat: 1/2/3 elite
training: more cowbell, more heckling, less bunny hopping.
goals: hoping to be mid pack in the elite races this year. 

race cat: X
training: ride long. ride longer. go up lots o’ hills
goals: mohican 100 on CX bike! Butte 100 – 17,820 ft of climbing!