I had a good weekend. I’m addicted to Strava. I was up in Cleveland at my in-laws over the weekend and did some hill repeats and snagged a couple Strava KOM’s. I’ve said it before, but Strava is addictive and probably not the best for training.

Pretty Legit Strava KOM – got it by 1 second!

I thought it’d be all downhill, but it had some rolling uphill sections that made me work…

Distance 3.1mi
Avg Grade -2.0%
Elev Difference 329ft
Elev Gain 146ft
Elapsed Time 00:06:13
Resting Time 00:00:00
Average Speed 30.1mi/h
Average HR bpm
Power 330 watts
Ridden 327 times by 57 people


I’m tapering now for the Mohican 100 this Saturday. I’m not doing any long rides and refrained from the MTB TT’s that started today. I’m just commuting this week to keep the legs spinning, nothing too fast and < 35 minutes of easy spin. My base feels pretty solid MTB’n last week. I went to England Idlewild and had a great time. Almost a Strava KOM on the intermediate 2. This is pretty good considering I’ve only been on the course twice.

I did jack my back up today riding wheelies on my new MTB. I need to get my *new* rear brake lever replaced because it’s not working until almost all the way pulled. My shop buddy thinks it’s the diaphragm. Well, this crappy stopping action doesn’t work well when you’re trying to ‘correct’ a wheelie tipping too far back. Basically, I flipped straight onto my ass and bounced off the asphalt! I made all sorts of weird, funny and unintelligible noises when I slammed. Instant back spasms and I think I might be a couple inches shorter. I’m such a dumb ass, I should just ‘ride’ my bikes. I made sounds like this:

I’m icing, ibuprofen and resting. I could barely carry my kids to bed. I really hope this subsides by tomorrow.