Well, your contact is wrong. This is the current situation in the bike industry. The vast majority of frames in made in China. After that, one of three things can happen with the frame:

1) It is shipped to market, bearing a “Made in China” label

2) It is shipped to Taiwan, where paying a 5% import tax allows you to relabel it as “Made in Taiwan”

3) It is shipped to for example Italy, which has very lax laws that allow you to do a little bit of labor (for example paint the frame) and relabel it “Made in Italy”.

So a lot of the frames you see labeled as Made in Taiwan, Italy or elsewhere are actually made in China. But companies fear that consumers don’t want a frame from China so you get duped into believing it was made elsewhere. There is a company that almost everybody thinks has the biggest Taiwan carbon frame factory, but in reality they don’t make a single frame in Taiwan. All they have in Taiwan is a relabel facility, all the frames are made in China.


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