I have a friend and cycling team mate considering the vegan option. He’s a couple days in and people like to chime in about protein, health, nutrients, etc… I’ve been a vegetarian for 24 years and finally switched over to a vegan diet a little over 1 year ago. After switching to a vegan diet I felt an overall boost in energy and  stamina… This is purely anecdotal, but I just feel better. This “feeling better” sensation is something that is shared by the elite athletes below.

I ran track in college and started cycling / racing about 4 years ago. After I switched to a vegan diet I was top 5 in some cat 3 CX races and finally won which allowed me to upgrade to Cat 2 and race in the Elites.

I also seem to recover faster than my non-vegan friends and can pound. I could go on and on about the benefits. Which I will in other posts. Until then, be awed, by these vegan elite athletes!

Elite Vegan Athletes

Arian Foster

#1 running back in the NFL 2011/2012 – Two time All-Pro. While I’m not a NFL fan I’m very fond of Arian Foster. His tweets, his philosophy, etc… Plus he kicks ASS living life!


Arian Foster – Vegan NFL Stud… Namaste


Scott Jurek

– legendary ultra marathon runner. 3x ultra marathon runner of the year. 7-time Western States 100 champion! Author of Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness

Scott Jurek Ultra Running Legend


Rich Roll

Rich Roll Ultra Athlete

Rich Roll Ultra Athlete



Nick Diaz

MMA destroyer. Also an Xterra Triathlete (mountain biking, trail running and swimming) http://nickdiaz.net/

Nick Diaz MMA Crusher and Vegan


Fiona Oakes

Fiona Oakes - Marathon and Ultra Marathon

– Elite Marathon runner with a 2hr 38minute pb. Holds many course records.


Aaron Simpson

Aaron Simpson – Vegan MMA Bad Ass

MMA bad ass

Mac Danzig

Mac Danzig vegan

Mac Danzig Vegan MMA Fighter

MMA bad ass

Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis Elit Vegan Olympian

Vegetarian Olympian. He had his best year was when he turned vegan.

Tanya Kay

Professional Dancer. Appared in “Stomp”

Georges Baraque

– NHL ‘informer’

brendan brazier

– elite professional triathlete

Tim VanOrden

– raw vegan “running raw”

Jack Lindquist

Jack Lindquist Vegan Track Cyclists

– cyclist california state champion shooting for 2016 Olympics

Catherine Johnson

US Cyclocross racer

Jason Sager

Patrik Baboumian