“Thanks for all of the info. I sent it all to my husband to look at. I think we both want to do this but need a kick! We’re 62 & it’s hard to break old habits esp. cooking. I know I could do it. Did you just jump right in or do it slowly? Slow is probably not the right way. Mike was on a macrobiotic diet for awhile and did very well. I have to learn how to cook all over again!”

My pleasure… I think the best thing to have is a partner to make the change with. My wife and I did it together.

I have two friends that watched Forks Over Knives with their spouse. Afterwards, both families switched to a vegan diet. One couple has been vegan for 1.5+ years and the other about half a year. They’re never looking back.

I also remember hearing about veganism and thinking that

I won’t lie. You will crave stuff… Especially cheese. There’s a protein in milk and cheese called casein that is very addictive. In fact it’s related to opium in chemical structure and your brain craves it!

Addicted to cheese? It’s a drug!


It takes a while, maybe a couple months for these cravings to disappear.  Then you’ll begin to wonder how it is you ever consumed milk and dairy. The flip side is you’ll really feel good.

The fact is, we’re the only mammal that drinks another mammals milk. Cows milk is designed to turn a baby calf into a 2 ton cow in a short time. And we wonder where most of our countries overweight and obesity begins. But we don’t question this because we’ve been ‘programmed’ / marketed to drink milk. I know, I drank a gallon of milk a day as a teenager because I craved it and thought it was good. The truth is, milk and dairy actually pulls the calcium from your body…

I digress… Pick a night or day to watch Forks Over Knives with your husband. That’d be the best place to start. There’s tons of vegan cooking blogs and websites to help you get going. If you need cookbooks, I can recommend some.

You’ll be surprised how many non dairy / non meat products they are that taste good. Lots of times the organic prices and fake meats will be expensive. But you have to ask, what’s cheaper, paying for healthy food or medical bills down the road.

Stay strong, well informed and good luck!