More than just veggie-heavy sandwiches, the three vegan choices will include meat substitutes and beans. Is this something to be excited about, even if it is from a fast food company?

Eating healthy when you’re traveling or simply in a rush isn’t always easy. Trying to eat vegan under those circumstances can be even more difficult. Subway, the world’s largest fast food chain, is testing three new vegan sandwiches. If they go over well, eating vegan on the go may be about to get easier for many people, including MNN’s lifestyle blogger, Starre.

Yesterday, Starre mentioned Subway’s new vegan sandwiches on her Facebook page, and an interesting discussion took place. While some of her friends aren’t very impressed with the announcement, Starre sees it as a potential good choice for when she’s traveling. She mentioned that Subway already is one of the places she can eat when she’s traveling because of their veggie sandwich. These three new sandwiches will give her and others who want to eat vegan more options.


via Subway testing 3 vegan options | MNN – Mother Nature Network.