we’re broke (i’ll blog this later). our problem is we need a new wheelchair accessible van. it’s getting really difficult lugging emmett’s chair around. taking him out of the chair, putting the chair in the back of the van, etc… the chair is pretty heavy for me; i can’t imagine how it feels for dara. she’s tough!

the problem. medicaid will give us $10k for a conversion. a van conversion will cost around $20k installed in our 2002 honda oddyssey with 120k miles on it. not a smart move to put it in this van.

we can buy a new van for about 15-20k and have the lift put in another 10k…

we can buy a decent used van WITH a lift already installed from 10-20k. unfortunately, medicaid won’t give us any of that $10k towards a lift install to purchase a used van with a lift already installed?! wtf…

anyhow, we’re going to shoot to have an emmett benefit this year in the form of a run to help pay for a van with wheelchair access.

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