got this email from someone looking at sean’s sax…


Thanks for allowing me to stop by.  This may seem a bit odd but I don’t think I shared everything that I should have last night.  It may not be chance that you are selling the sax for Sean and that I stopped by.  Besides saxophones I also know that God heals through prayer.  If it is OK with you I would like to do that for your child. Knowing your child’s name and condition would be helpful but not necessary.  If this makes you uncomfortable I understand.  Either way, I would ask that you take a look at the auction and consider if it reflects what we discussed.
sorry about the delayed response kevin. it’s been a little hectic around the house.
i definitely would not turn down any prayers for emmett. emmett jameson o’loughlin, born january 10th 2004. he is one of the strongest souled persons i’ve met in my life. my wife was in labor 40 hours with 5 hours of ‘active’ pushing. basically, he was stuck in the birth canal w/his cord around his neck. it was a traumatic event and he had to be vacuum extracted. he was ‘born’ unable to breath and didn’t have a pulse. he was brought back to life on the crash cart. you can read more about him here,
i pray every night for him, our family and the world. recently, my prayers have been focused on communication. i would love to communicate with emmett. somehow, someway if he can talk or use a device, nod, etc… this would be another miracle.