Although shared folder support is not as good as other competitors, VirtualBox provides quite satisfied solution for shared folder. In order to create a shared folder, you need to…

VirtualBox Shared Folders

  1. Click on the cute folder icon at the bottom of the VirtualBox window
  2. Go through the process of setting the shared folder
  3. In the Windows OS, you would have to right click on the My Computer icon, choose Explore
  4. Expand My Network Places and VirtualBox Shared Folders
  5. Clicking on the shared folder under VirtualBox Shared Folders will bring you to the shared folder that you set in previous step.

In order to make it more convenient for me, I have mapped this shared folder as a network drive on the Windows Guest OS by the following steps…

  1. From Desktop, Double click on My Computer
  2. From menu bar, select menu Tools
  3. From drop down menu Tools, click on Map Network Drive
  4. Choose the Drive
  5. Type in the mapped folder (From what you see when you open VirtualBox Shared Folders under My Network Places). In my case, it is \\VBOXSVR\Desktop.
  6. Yay! Done. You are now able to connect to the shared folder with one click.
  7. Unfortunately, this won’t work on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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