four step method dr. shwartz change locust in brain

contrary to christian belief that we’re morally and thinking creatures.

some beliefs today other than dr. schwartz. human beings are bio-mechanisms.

dr. scwhartz… a momentum of history including intellectual history for people to stop thinking about truth.

it takes courage to go against the current. and dr. schwartz…

why is it possible that he could do this? in addition to being a near scientist, he got from his religious background

buddhism and judiasm

this is new…

bring with me madam provatxky

colonel henry alcot looked into assassination of ab lincoln. he met madam provatxy at the farm house of mary baker (founder of christian science)

as a consequence of that, the start a new generic theorocy. or, religious theosophy.

theo – god
sophy – wisdom

truth of god. that led them to go to selan… what did they find there? budhism… this religion was in eclipse.

provatxky and alcot caused a revival of buddhism.

pretty accurate saying

“history is ruled by irony and philosophy by paradox…”

reflect on the irony

schwartz writes this book which changes fundamental thought of man, bio mechanism to one indowed with mind and will

this may have been true because of provatxky and allot and led to new religious perspective similar to buddhism and caused revival in buddhism.