So, I’ve encountered this problem a few times now where hovering over any menu or link doesn’t work and your Dock Zoom stops. I thought I’d share a solution because it’s REALLY ANNOYING!

First, make sure your batteries are charged. I find this problem begins when my batteries are low and I get stuck without mouse hover.

Next, try unplugging the Logitech USB wireless receiver and plug it back in. This helps most of the time.

If the unplugging and plugging in receiver doesn’t work, download the newest Logitech Control Center for Mac OS X

After installation of Control Center, you have to restart your computer. While restarting your computer, unplug the wireless receiver again for a couple seconds then plug it back in again.

After reboot, you should be back in action. Mac OS X Hover, Dock Zoom and everything else works again.

Good Luck!