Sync Contacts, Calendars

If you want to synchronize contacts or calendars between two or more Macs, access your contacts or calendars via the Web, or both, you have several choices.

Address Book Sync Starting with OS X 10.5.3, Apple’s Address Book application can natively sync your contacts with Exchange, Yahoo, or Gmail Contacts, without requiring MobileMe. To set this up, open Address Book, choose Address Book: Preferences, and click on General. Select the Synchronize With Exchange, Synchronize With Yahoo, or Synchronize With Google option, depending on those you’d like to sync with. (You can select more than one, depending on which services you use.) Then, for each one you’ve selected, click on the corresponding button (for example, the Google button for Gmail Contacts), enter your user name, password, and any other requested information, and click on OK.

Then, to sync, choose Sync Now from the Sync menu in your menu bar. (If the menu isn’t already there, open iSync in your Applications folder, choose iSync: Preferences, select Show Status in Menu Bar, and close the window.) Unfortunately, unless you also have MobileMe sync enabled (and set to occur on a schedule), Address Book doesn’t sync with these other services automatically; you must initiate each sync manually.

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