Challenge Grifo Tubular: My All Around Favorite. Rode Fangos for 2 years and think the Grifos are faster rolling.   Great all around tire. Loose, dry, some sticky mud.
Challenge Grifo File: Hard, dirt, fast and dry.
Challenge Limus: Soupy Mud!!! This tire locks in. Don’t ride it in sticky mud, the deep tread likes to hold about 2 tons of mud.
Kenda Small Block 8: A little moist, but mainly dry fast roller. Does lock in on some mud. Fast

Other notables:
Dugast Rhino – I’d like to try these but are pricey. I have a friend that swears by them.
Tufo Flexus Primus – i liked this tire but flatted both of them far too quick.
Michelin Mud – I have lots of friends who like these clinchers.
Clement PDX – Started seeing lots of racers riding these.  But I saw some people getting busted with these tires at Master’s Worlds and some people getting through the “tire checker.” I think this has to do with tire pressure and rim width.

Man, I LOVE cross!