Flourish provides a strong, base set of PHP classes that run pretty much anywhere, helping you focus on solving more interesting problems.

Extensive documentation and a sane API help you get stuff done, whether you are building a new app or maintaining a legacy website.

Why Use Flourish?

You will find Flourish useful if you need to write code that is any of the following:

Promoted security best-practices

Consistent and easy to understand

Needs to model simple or complex databases, especially existing schemas

Works with international data

Can perform accurate math calculations

Easily manipulates images

Able to run on different databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2)

Can be used on closed-source projects

Needs to run on different versions of PHP

Needs an architecture other than MVC

Plays nicely with other libraries and frameworks

via Flourish, PHP Unframework.