I have to transfer a bazillion files from one server to another via FTP and I don’t know how to do this. I’ve been using the archaic FTP since the early 90s and have never figure this out, or for that matter needed to until today when I had to upload about a terabyte of files to a new server.

Thanks you NcFTP! You can do a simple command like this to upload all directories recursively!

mput -R *

first, get a copy of ncftp for ubuntu

apt-get install ncftp

locally, go to the directory you want to upload from.

cd /var/www/vhosts/somedomain.com/

user ncftp to connect to the remote server

ncftp -u username -p userpassword domain_or_ip

NcFTP 3.2.5 (Feb 02, 2011) by Mike Gleason (http://www.NcFTP.com/contact/).

Connecting to xxx.xxx.xx.x…

——— Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ———-

You are user number 5 of 50 allowed.

Local time is now 08:51. Server port: 21.

IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server.

You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Logging in…

OK. Current restricted directory is /

navigate to the directory you want to upload

cd public_html

OK. Current directory is /public_html

finally mput(multi put) all of your files from your local directory. add the -R flag for recursive.

ncftp /public_html > mput -R *

voila!!! you’re on your way!

add_company.php:                                         1.00 kB   81.08 kB/s
add_user.php:                                            2.42 kB  205.00 kB/s
crossdomain.xml:                                       405.00 B   17.47 kB/s
css/jquery.imageZoom.css:                              851.00 B   51.27 kB/s
css/prettyPhoto.css:                                    12.01 kB  933.22 kB/s
databae.sql:                                             1.62 kB  133.73 kB/s
delete_company.php:                                      1.14 kB   68.09 kB/s
delete_file.php:                                       298.00 B   26.93 kB/s
delete_user.php:                                       817.00 B   66.54 kB/s
download_file.php:                                       1.98 kB  159.13 kB/s
edit_company.php:                                        1.44 kB  102.02 kB/s
edit_user.php:                                           3.27 kB  136.30 kB/s
files/ft2.php:                                         130.49 kB    2.06 MB/s
files/AdvancePierre_Foods/Carl’s Jr.ai:                  1.99 MB    4.90 MB/s
…/AdvancePierre_Foods/advancepierre/APFnsmFin.pptx:   14.46 MB    5.83 MB/s
…_Foods/powerpoint videos/SEQ_AmandaSmellerV03.wmv:   64.51 MB    6.19 MB/s
files/AdvancePierre_Foods/powerpoint videos/MP4s.zip:   77.74 MB    6.33 MB/s
…rre_Foods/powerpoint videos/SEQ_StevenKiddV02.wmv:   16.09 MB    6.15 MB/s
…&J/partners club 2012/partnersclubtrip2012v05.wmv:   49.59 MB    6.29 MB/s

thanks NcFTP!

NcFTP Software