From pro riders to weekend warriors, these ten mistakes are the plague of the peloton. Luckily, they’re easy to correct. With the help of renowned coaches Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs and Chris Mayhew of JBV Coaching, we came up with these tips to help you avoid cycling’s most serious pitfalls and tighten up your workout routine more than ever before.

Cycling Mistake #10: Training Like a Pro
Cycling Mistake #9: Worrying About Fat, Sugar, and Salt
Cycling Mistake #8: Doing Too Much Long Slow Distance Riding
Cycling Mistake #7: Relying on Bars and Gels
Cycling Mistake #6: Thinking More is Better
Cycling Mistake #5: Not Timing Your Meals
Cycling Mistake #4: Getting an Amateur Bike Fit
Cycling Mistake #3: Neglecting the Rest of Your Body
Cycling Mistake #2: Forgetting to Practice Bike Handling
Cycling Mistake #1: Ignoring Sleep


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