My name is Mark Maunder and I’m the creator of Wordfence and the CEO of Feedjit Inc. which is our parent company.
On August 1st, 2011 my personal blog was hacked. Up until that point I had been running a company that provides real-time analytics to publishers called Feedjit. I dropped everything and reverse engineered the hack and discovered the hackers had gained access to my site through a serious weakness in a WordPress script called TimThumb.

I fixed the weakness and donated my code back to the TimThumb project. Then I dropped everything and started to write a WordPress plugin that would make sure no other WordPress publishers feel that same sinking feeling I felt when I discovered I’d been hacked. That turned into an 8 month project which was far larger and more comprehensive in scope than I could have imagined and culminated in the launch of Wordfence, a free and open source security plugin for WordPress.

Wordfence is now a major part of my business Feedjit Inc. and is fully backed by our investors, data center and our great team.
I hope you enjoy Wordfence as much as we enjoy working on it.

~Mark Maunder – Wordfence Creator and Feedjit Inc. CEO.

Wordfence – Security Plugin for WordPress.