Not sure if this is real. If so, it’ll definitely change the Scrypt mining battlefield.


Viper (Scrypt) Miner (5Mh/s)


30% Deposit Required: £405

Total price: £1350. Remainder will need to be paid 8-10 weeks before shipment. All applicable duty, taxes and shipment will be extra, which shall be notified during final payment.

This device can perform proof-of-work (hashing) for all Scrypt based coins.

Hashrate: >= 5 Mh/s speed

Power consumption: <= 100w

Contains one Viper board

Enclosure : 1u rack mountable

Self contained unit with Ethernet and USB connection

Software: Easy to use configurable WebGui for mining connectivity.

Front Panel: LCD display for easy mining configuration.

Device is only for the use of Scrypt hashing.


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