ve just read with pleasure, and learned a lot from these questions :

But I didn’t find in these some of my favorites tools, which I use on a daily basis, and I think that’s because these are OSX/Terminal intended tools, not fitting well in above questions.

My favorites are, by order of preference: oh-my-zshhomebrew (but also macports), janus

These tools having in common :

  • Terminal: install and use
  • OSX Intendedbrew is, git is not!
  • Easy Install: one liner, ie. git clonewget ... etc.
  • Extensible: possibly has extensions or simple API (eg. oh-my-zsh with plugins, brew with formulas, janus with bundled vim plugins…)
  • Often open source, free, hosted on github, scripted, mostly (but not only!) with ruby…

Do you know any other similar must-have tools? I would love to discover new ones!

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