Are we doing the right thing sending our kids to “school” and learning the reading, writing, rithmetic stuff? I feel a little guilty. maybe they should be at a more creative school…

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

For Teenager Logan LaPlante, the answer is simple: “I want to continue to be happy.”

He asks the pointed question: “What if we based education on the practice of being happy and healthy? Are schools making this a priority? Much of education is more geared towards making a living than towards making a life.”

So he’s created his own model of a school based on things like community, time in nature, general happiness. He calls his alternative school model “hackschool” because it’s all about being willing to change a system. “Everything is up for being hacked,” said LaPlante. Since he started his new system, he’s hacked through every subject — from physics to math to history — while building things along the way. Check out his inspiration talk.

Hacking School: One Teenager’s Path to Happiness | MindShift.