The 2014 Colorado River Pulse Flow. Of the 260 rivers that cross international borders, this is the first binational agreement of its kind. A short highlighting the first crossing of the delta via watercraft
(self support Standup Paddle Board) in over two decades.
Video, writing and editing by Pete McBride/ Pete McBride Productions.
Shot on assignment for Outside Online and Outside Magazine to accompany the story: “The River Was Nowhere and Everywhere. Outside Magazine July 2014.
Delta Boatman: Sam Walton, Fred Phillips, Juan Butron, Osvel Hinojosa, Rowan Jacobsen, Pete McBride.
Aerial Footage: Thanks to Owen Bissell/ Sonoran Institute.

Delta Dawn – Paddling a River Run Free on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Delta Dawn – Paddling a River Run Free on Vimeo.