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The news anchor could not hold his crying when he learns they
found more than 15 Kurdish kids hiding in the mountains
near Shingal town dead from lack of no water and foods… 

After the attack of
ISIS on Shingal Town, lots of Kurdish Yazidi families ran to the hills and mountains near Shingal town to hide from ISIS. These hills and mountains are dry and have no food… 

For last 5 days Kurdish fighters are looking for them but it
is hard to find them all especially they are afraid to come out.

Yazidi are not Muslims …. They have their own religion… ISIS
has threatened them of mass killing just because they are not Muslim!!!

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e6e_1407424749#uZ0CKEDFFOmO6icB.99

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LiveLeak.com – Kurdish TV news anchor cries for dead Kurdish Kids….