My Peoples… 🙂

Athletes in every sport stand as examples of strength, discipline and sheer physical power. Their ability to perform the tasks necessary to lift obscene amounts of weight, fight an opponent or run incredible distances is truly awe inspiring. Seriously, sometimes it feels like getting the lid off of the almond butter is impossible, the strength is takes to clean and jerk 500 pounds must be staggering!

With great athletic prowess comes a host of perceptions about what these people are like and whatfuels their abilities. The general consensus tends to lean toward viewing athletes as meat guzzling, animal protein junkies and, to be fair, those athletes certainly exist. But just like any generality, it doesn’t apply to everyone! There are plenty of athletes that are not only powered entirely by plants, they dominate in their field as well.

These unstoppable forces of nature are awesome examples of the power of plant based foods. Easily supplying the nutritional requirements to fuel our bodies, even the most elite athletes are able to survive and thrive without consuming animal products to do it. But, don’t take our word for it! Check out the laundry list of accomplishments these talented and dedicated folks have racked up, all while being powered by plants.

10 Vegan Athletes That Prove You Don’t Need Meat to Compete | One Green Planet.